A Bigger Boat


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released August 12, 2012

Samuel Quint, Matthew Hooper, Martin Brody



all rights reserved


JAWSOME! Massachusetts

FUCK you.

this is hardcore.

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Track Name: June 29th, 1945
The thing about them
Is they have these lifeless eyes
Black eyes
Like dolls eyes

And when they come at you they don't seem to be living
But when they start to bite those black eyes roll over white
And then you'll hear that high pitched screaming

Show me the way to go home
I'm tirred and I wanna go to bed
Oh I had a little drink about an hour ago and it went straight to my head

I'll never put on a life jacket again

Eleven hundred men went into the water
Three hundred and sixteen made it out
The sharks they took the rest
Track Name: Welfare For The Winter
Ya'll know me
Ya'll know how I earn a living

I'll find him for three
But I'll catch him and kill him for ten

Ten thousand dollars
For that you'll get the head
You'll get the tail
You'll get the whole damn thing

This shark will swallow you whole
Track Name: Get Yourself In The National Geographic
Excuse me
You know the eight men in the fan tail launch out there?
Well none of them are going to make it out of the harbor alive

Did anyone call the coastgaurd?

Well this wasn't a boating accident
And this wasn't a coral reef
And it wasn't Jack the Ripper

It was a Carcharodon Carcharias
Track Name: I See You Brought Your Rubbers
You've got city hands city boy
You've been counting money your whole life
You've got city hands Mr. Hooper
You've been counting money your whole life

Pull slow ahead
quit playing with yourself


You've got city hands city boy
You've been counting money your whole life
Track Name: Here's To Swimmin' With Bow Legged Women
Fairwell and adieu to you my fair spanish ladies
Fairwell and adieu to you my ladies of spain
For we've recieved orders and we're sailing back to Boston
Neveramore shall we see your shores again
Track Name: A Bigger Boat
Not only close the beaches but we'll have to hire someone to kill the shark

smile you son of a bitch